Foundation Mission

Giving back to our community through philanthropic avenues to improve housing-related opportunities for the disadvantaged.

The SBCA Foundation enables SBCA Chapters, companies, and individuals to give back to the industry. It is a standalone 501(c)(3) organization that is wholly owned by SBCA, which means financial resources donated to the SBCA Foundation are considered charitable for federal income tax purposes and are tax deductible for both companies and individuals.


Funds are used for scholarship programs and curriculum development to provide greater construction industry exposure to young people.


Donations from the Foundation are used to develop training and apprenticeship programs focused on our industry.

Housing-Related charities

The Foundation also contribute financial resources towards housing-related charitable endeavors such as Operation Finally Home and Habitat for Humanity.

INDustry sustainability

Funds go towards efforts such as planting trees to support and promote the sustainability of our industry.

Foundation Goal

The goal is to create a sufficiently large endowment that will allow the Foundation to annually contribute funds from the income made from investments, allowing the principal to continue to grow through ongoing donations.

component Connection Podcast

In this episode, Joe Hikel, owner of Shelter Systems Limited in Westminster, Maryland, shares why he has been a driving force behind the recently revitalized SBCA Foundation & Endowment, and how he envisions this charitable entity will give the component manufacturing industry an effective avenue to give back to the communities they serve.

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